Hello! Congratulations on purchasing your new Samuel Mark Clyma product!

Leather is a natural product that changes over time. These changes are what make your product unique and should be cherished. Your product reflects the world around it; this may result in marks and/or colour variations.

To ensure your product ages with grace and dignity we recommend storing it in the dust bag provided when not in use, and treating it regularly using natural leather conditioners. Apply conditioners in gentle circular motions using a clean cloth.

Avoid contact with water, grease, chemicals and prolonged UV exposure. Any liquid or moisture that comes in contact with your product should be allowed to air dry after removing excess with a clean cloth. We do not recommend using dryers or heat devices to quicken the process as they can damage the leather.

Please note that with moisture comes the increased possibility of colour transfer. To prevent colour transfer: ensure that your bag is completely air dry after exposure to moisture, that all excess conditioner is wiped away after application and avoid prolonged contact with light coloured fabrics and materials.